Our Party is founded on the principle: We as a people can do far better for ourselves by controlling our own destiny.

The Self Preservation platform is a combination of three major points.

1. Abortion

The truth is New York City’s abortion record is shocking. The aborted black children outnumbered black children born alive. This is deeply disturbing, because NY is a trendsetter. We must curb this self exterminating act.

80% Of All Abortions

In the State of Mississippi are our children

A nation can not avoid extinction if it fails to reproduce new life at a higher rate than those they abort.

This is the greatest issue of our people, because without our people all other issues are irrelevant.

2. Police killing our people

The large number killings from the police departments in this country are an abhorrent act against our people.

In the last 2 years.

6,000 of our people were killed by the police with only a 1/3 of 1% conviction

Our Party is the only party that has made it a high priority on our platform. Other parties minimize it’s importance, because it is not an important issue to their majority constituents.

3. Us Shooting And Killing Each Other

The violent act of taking each others life, coupled with the two previous mentioned acts guarantees our extinction. The culture of not valuing our own people lives must be replaced.

Our people have always been left out and left behind. They are working longer hours with less security. The wealth parity remains wide, favoring others. Cost of living always rises, yet our income staggers behind. We believe in the dream of people owning their own businesses and homes. As our people struggle, everyone else develops more wealth and power. Democrats and Republicans in Congress have chosen gridlock and dysfunction over trying to find solutions to the real challenges we face. That is why so many feel like the politics works against them and can’t be trusted.

The Mahali Party believes; We as a people are better off united and empowered; rather than, divided and victimized.

Since we first voted in 1870, our party is here to deliver something better than what the others have delivered in the past 150 years.

When our people functioned independently we made great gains, such as, in 1870 we elected Hiram Revels to the U,S, Senate representing the state of Mississippi,

We then elected the 2nd Mississippi black congressman, Senator Blanche Bruce in 1875.

We have always been more prosperous when we had our own economy that worked for us—a Mahalian economy that increases income for our people, creates livable paying wages, producing a dignified life style.

Mahali Party believes we can generate more economic growth on our own, which will create more prosperous wages. Catapulting ourselves into a much better economic position than ever before. So that the rewards are returned back to us, not to others who had no effort in it. We need an economy that prioritizes our people in long-term investment, over placing others interest before ours, one which rewards us for keeping it in our hands, and producing meaningful innovation and entrepreneurship.

We assert that the present system of not controlling our economy is the main reason for our income and wealth inequality—where the majority of the economic gains go to the non participants who put no effort into our economy. Purposely making our economy weaker, our communities poorer, and our politicians followers rather than leaders.

Mahali Party knows that the responsibility and the power to change these things is in our hands, only we can can fix these problems. After centuries of others claiming to have the solutions, it is now time for us to take control of this problem, and finally fix it. We face the reality and are prepared to provide the solution.

We believe Mahali is a unique nation

We attest for Mahali Independence: we all are a people; endowed by the Biblical God, with the rights to self determine,

We believe we have earned and deserve a strong independent nation.

includes these states

Goal Is To Establish Our Nation: Mahali