2021 The Year Of


UNDER Black Pro Independence Local Government

Establishing Pro Independence governed cities.

We have lived in Republican/Democrat governed cities. Our people have been hindered by both parties. Now is time to establish our own political ideologies to city government.

Safe Cities

Restructuring the local Police Departments, how?

90% of our people trust and feel safer with the Black Panthers as their law enforcement than the current departments.

Who else is most committed in protecting us, and has the 50 year track record.

Empowering ourselves, allows us to solve the problem this year, without the help from Republicans/Democratic parties.

We don’t need those parties, the Democrats need us, they can’t win without us, the only way for us to win, is leaving the democratic/republican parties, and joining, the Mahali Party.

Election Reform

Campaign Finance Restructuring

allowing Individual donor to compete with corporate donors, limiting corporate levels of donations.  

Election Security 

Voter Fraud protection, from mailing ballots, ballot harvesting and other forms which can easily become fraudulent.  

Election Integrity 

Early in Person Voting,assuring your vote counts. We must guarantee that your vote is actually counted.  And to make the process trustworthy.  We should never have to question the integrity of the voting process.  


Beginnings of Forming our nation

We have never had the privilege to self govern, since we have lived in this country.   2021 will be the year in which we shall start beginning to achieve this historic feat. 

What’s At Stake

Our Right to Self Determine 

The right to govern ourselves; for only we can fulfill the his requirement.  This right exist in this country, just as it does in all nations worldwide.

Our Dignity 

Only we can give ourselves 1st class citizenship; for if someone else gives it to you, then you don’t actually have it, because they can take it away at will.  

Protect Our Prosperity 

Earning our wealth is secondary to protecting our wealth.  We will finally protect our wealth through our nation, just as all nations protect their’s.  

Rather than free trade competition from black enterprise, they rather wipe them out, before our enterprise will defeat them in the market place.  

Our goal instead we will be celebrating our market take over of multiple industries. 

What We Lose

Centuries Of Disappointments

This country has never fulfilled our dreams our desire and has never gained our trust. 

Pillage Of Our Wealth 

Each time that we financially advance to the point of becoming direct competitors in an industry.  They immediately have violently destroyed our enterprises, due to the fear of being defeated by a black controlled industry. 

This is the number one reason, why we can’t financially grow in this nation. These are the same tactics they employ against a economic rival nation, like Panama, Honduras, Libya, Iraq among many others.  

We believe we have earned and deserve a strong independent nation.

includes these states

Goal Is To Establish Our Nation, Mahali