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Black Nation

The New Political Party Established 1/16/2020

Pro Independence Politics

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Who is accountable and responsible in allowing the police to keep killing black people for all these years.

That would be the our elected officials, particularly the national officials. They are the ones that we have been voting for 50 years, the Black Caucus. This issue has occurred under their watch.

The Ones That Failed To Form
A Nation For Our People
The Black Democratic Caucus


We Don’t Lose By Leaving Our Powerless Political Position In The Democratic Party.
For 50 yrs The Congressional Black Caucus Has Failed To StopThe Police From Killing Us, It’s An Indictment On Their Record.

Joining The Mahali Party:
We Gain More Power than We Have Ever Had In America. We’ll Gain The Seat Of Our Power. Representing Ourselves Just As The Democrats And Republicans Represent Themselves.

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