Mahali Double LL

The reason for the Mahali LL. Is the tremendous failures of the the black caucus is what inspired the Mahali double LL.

The reasons for their failures is based on the fact that they are members of the wrong political party.

Remember when the Democratic Party was established our people were slaves. It wasn’t till the 1930’s when we began joining the party and ramped up in the 1960’s. Yet it wasn’t our party, we were just allowed to join.

This is still the mind set in that party. Your black representatives don’t have power or influence over the entire party.

50 years of massive failure of the Black Caucus

They are guaranteed votes when the party needs then to pass legislation. In Return the representatives get almost nothing.

To confirm this all you have to do is visit our districts that the Caucus represents. After all the decades of sitting on their elected seats, it is clear that they have no power in Washington. With almost no results for their votes. This is especially obvious when you compare it to what other district are looking like.

Solution: Mahali LL

The Mahali Party founded and led by our people, Open to those who don’t fit in the Democratic/Republican parties.

First L

Leverage, is what’s needed to have full represention. As a separate party we are not obligated nor be corased to vote with any party. Our party votes are ours to cast as we see fit. Voting for our agenda only.

Strings Attached

Regardless who holds the majority, be Republicans or Democrats in Congress, our votes won’t be free like the black caucus. To get our votes they must vote for our bills.

We can vote for their bills as easily vote against their bills. All determined if they vote for our bill.

Second L

The result of the leveraged votes is to produce what we want. That result is Legislation. Laws in favour of our agend effectively advancing our platform.